Theories of Media Bias

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Theories of Media Bias by Mind Map: Theories of Media Bias

1. Ruling Elite Theory

1.1. The media consciously and purposely serve the interests of the ruling elite. In one version, mainstream media and society has been socialized to accept the ruling elite's version of the truth. In the second the elite get other classes to accept their version of the truth.

1.1.1. Trump puts end to rumors of new political party, talks life without Twitter

1.1.2. Jordan Belfort storms out of interview | 60 Minutes Australia

2. Money Machine Theory

2.1. Owners of media sources are only interested in the bottom line, not political indoctrination

2.1.1. How Spotify Dominates Apple, Google And Amazon In Music

2.1.2. How Domino's Is Winning The Pizza Wars

3. Grassroots Theory

3.1. Press responds to the biases of the public at large by reporting stories in ways that are appealing to their readership as a whole

3.1.1. Every Point From Devin Booker's History 70-Point Game Against Celtics

3.1.2. Los Angeles Dodgers Win 2020 World Series! 10 27 20 KABC News

4. Professional Subculture Theory

4.1. Media approach events of the day according to the distinct norms, expectations, and ethics of practitioners of the profession of journalism

4.1.1. ACTUAL Fake News: Reporter Caught Exaggerating Hurricane

4.2. Brian Williams Criticizes 'Fake News' After Losing NBC Job for Exaggerating Iraq Story