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Obesity by Mind Map: Obesity

1. Physical

1.1. Active Transport constrained

1.2. Poor accessibility to parks and facilities

1.3. Poor access to healthy food

2. Socio Cultural

2.1. Bad influences from friends and family

2.2. Normalising overweight

2.3. Kids spending too much time on devices

3. Economic

3.1. Healthy food costs too much

3.2. Long working hours constraining healthy food options

3.3. Too much cheap high calorie food available in the market

3.4. Shift in jobs from active to sedentary

4. Political

4.1. Policies enable access to unhealthy food

4.2. Lack of advertising regulation for unhealthy food

4.3. No SSB tax in Australia

5. Literacy

5.1. Not clear what is healthy and unhealthy

5.2. Confusing and conflicting advice from experts

5.3. Missed opportunities to educate kids about healthy eating