Act Like A Man or A Woman

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Act Like A Man or A Woman by Mind Map: Act Like                                 A Man or A Woman

1. Language Focus : Using Adverb of Quantifier

1.1. A lot of husbands

1.1.1. As far as I'm concerned, a lot of husbands seldom bring flower for their wives.

1.2. Most men

1.2.1. Dhiya : Unlike woman, most man need less time to get ready

1.2.2. marcel:unlike woman, most man rarely cry

1.3. Most women

1.3.1. Agnes : Unlike men, most women can work in offices and kitchens

1.4. Few boys

1.5. Few girls

1.5.1. Aditya: As long as I know, only a few girls are lazy, usually they are more diligent than boys

1.6. Many men

1.6.1. Axel :I believe most of the time,many men doesn't like to be seen crying

1.6.2. Azriel : In my opinion, many men usually to eat quickly and a lot

1.7. None of men

1.7.1. Nindy :

1.8. A lot of wives

1.9. A lot of woman

1.9.1. I believe that a lot of woman usually become a leaders

1.10. most father

2. mario: a woman should be good at cooking

2.1. Axel : a Woman should give their childern , an education

3. act like a man+

3.1. Maurin: a man should deal with nature

3.2. Axel : a man should provide his family with wealthy and security

3.3. Aditya: A man must be a responsible person

3.4. Muthia: a man must be leaders

3.5. Stefani : a man must be wise

3.6. Azriel : a man must be masculine

3.7. Athaya: a man should open the door for his woman

3.8. Agnes : a man must be patient

4. Act like a woman

4.1. seva : a woman must be stronger than a man

4.2. Aditya: Perhaps a woman should be a more caring and loving person

4.3. axel : a woman should give their childern an education

4.4. Dhiya : A woman should be independent

4.5. Muthia: a woman must be secretary

4.6. Azriel : A Woman should must be look feminine

4.7. Agnes : a woman must be able to do various jobs

5. Rifky: a man shouldn't cry

6. Rifky: a woman