How does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text?

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How does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text? by Mind Map: How does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text?

1. Promotion techniques

1.1. List segmentation : This means that we categorise what each customer likes into groups, this means that every time we send a email we show them what areas they like so they will feel like we value each reader.

1.2. Subscription : Saffron will allow the reader to subscribe to the magazine monthly which can be a physical magazine sent home or online magazine sent to their account when they sign in. We can offer a one month free subscription for them to test out first and offer them a list of subscription they could choose from.

1.3. Social Media : Online platform such as instagram has a very big impact on the magazine, so Saffron official account can contain advertisement and information of the magazine in the feed. Social media also helps share and allow the customer to contact Saffron. We can post and show the front cover to attract the customer.

1.4. Sponsors : I will make sure each month the magazine has a sponsor for a giveaway or contests. This will keep the audience excited and look forward to the new surprises for each month as a interaction.

2. Saffron's target audience :

2.1. Generation Z : 6-24 year olds, I have target this generation because I feel like this generation is the most developed and has access to most of the social media platform. Since Saffron is a trendy magazine and contains a variety of things in the magazine makes this generation understand and can keep up with it the most, the language used such as slang this generation is able to understand it more.

2.1.1. Chefs and Food industry : This means that people in the food industry such as cafes and suppliers can see what the demand is so they will need the Saffron magazine to go through what has the highest demand on and so they can reposition their business and make a better marketing strategy for their business.

2.2. Influencers : They are able to promote and influence people to keep up with the trend and navigate people's interest so most of the influencers can see the newest and latest trends making the more updated and read what they have personal interest in.

2.2.1. Mass market : Overall Saffron magazine does not really have a specific target audience but our magazine is open for to anyone, since or magazine has a variety of information, ideas and recommendation for most of the age group but mainly it is for younger audiences.

3. Target Audience

3.1. Saffron magazine is a minimal and has a basic design but contains a lot of unique topics from other magazines. Saffron has food reviews, recipes, interviews and hidden gems. Furthermore in the magazine has a giveaway exclusively from Le Condon Bleu. Furthermore, the unique context and special giveaway makes the reader more attracted and draws the interest, most magazine giveaways includes giveaways like recipes, vouchers or coupons.

3.1.1. Selling technique for Saffron :

3.1.2. - Align with an organisation : If the magazine work with organisation like cafes or a specific company that has the target audience the magazine is focusing on this might increase potential customer and create more demand. For example, Saffron could put the magazine in the cafes and restaurant that has a specific type of customer so they are more likely to be more interested in the magazine.

3.1.3. - Social Media : Since everything is online I think that one of the selling technique for Saffron could be via instagram and facebook because these two social media platform has a lot of users around 73.5 million. Instagram has a advertisement feature that could reach younger generations and I can create a official account so people can view the offers of each month and keep interacting with them to see their opinions and keep up with trends.

3.2. I have design the magazine to look very aesthetic and special by focusing on the pictures for the front cover. The details in the cake is very delicate and the tagline is simple but luxury, also the colour seems very warm and delighted making the reader interpret that it is a cozy and home-like vibes. One of the tagline is in pink which contrasts with all the colours in the front cover making it pop out from others so it is one of the element the customer will notice when seeing the magazine. The sentences " You're invited" gives the sense that there's a important article.

3.2.1. Gratification Theory : reason why an audience responds to different media texts

3.2.2. Personal Identity : This means that the reader has some relatable experiences or mutual feelings that Saffron magazine article can relate too.It can also be because of the readers enjoyment since they are able to emphasise with the article. For example, Saffron magazine has a article on the journey of Olivia Wang and her journey being a young pastry chef. Some reader might relate to Olivia so they are more likely to read and see as inspiration.

3.2.3. Information and Education : People can read the magazine they enjoy or show interest in to increase their knowledge and open their mind up to new information they might not have known. Sometimes reading this could be a type of escape readers use to be able to escape from the reality. For example, Saffron magazine has a section on new cafes and art of food, this means that they are receiving new information and knowledge about art and things that they might enjoy during their free time just to help them de stress.

4. Distribution

4.1. I will have both a physical copy and digital copy for audiences. For physical I will distribute to cafes, restaurant, organisation and book stores. For digital I will post it through the website but the reader will have to purchase the magazine through online and they will be able to get links to the magazine copy, we will make sure that the link can't be shared with anyone else.

5. Publisher

5.1. Condé Nast

5.2. Conde Nast is the publisher for a famous food magazine called Bon Appetite. I have chosen this publisher because I think that will understand the concept of my magazine and can help advise the magazine, furthermore the publisher has worked with many well known food magazines so this means they would be the most trustworthy. The company is also very well known for its expert in technology and well distribution.

5.3. I feel like Condé Nast would be interested in publishing my magazine because my magazine has different target audience as other big magazines, since Bon Appetite target audience is millennial and chefs but my magazine aims for younger generations since the topic of each months magazine is going to be determined through the trends and demand of that month. In Saffron magazine it contains a mass topic for example for people who enjoy going to the cafe, restaurant, interviews, art and fine dining. It shows that my magazine has a unique selling point from the other magazines and it also aims for the innovative people.