Critical essay aspects

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Critical essay aspects by Mind Map: Critical essay aspects

1. Organization

1.1. opinion/focus is consistently maintained by the controlling idea

1.2. opinion and examples presented in a logical order and coherent structure (approp. devices and transitions)

2. Clarity

2.1. references are clearly explained

2.2. examples are into by a topic sentence

2.3. sentence express complete ideas

2.4. ideas are related to each other and relevant to topic

2.5. thesis is clearly stated

3. Correct

3.1. grammar, punctuation, usage, form, tense

3.2. spelling

3.3. paragraphing

3.4. capitalization

4. Content: the main ingredient

4.1. Intro

4.1.1. TOPIC labeled, introduced and explained

4.1.2. Thesis Statement discernible from the rest of the intro 3 (or more) clear components (to be proved by examples/evidences)

4.2. Body

4.2.1. Para 1 Topic sentence Explain+Illustrate+Prove Example/Evidence

4.2.2. Para 2 Topic sentence Explain+Illustrate+Prove Example/Evidence

4.2.3. Para 3 Topic sentence Explain+Illustrate+Prove Example/Evidence

4.3. Conclusion

4.3.1. Final para

4.3.2. 3-5 sentences re-state thesis statement follows logically from the preceeding para state why the thesis statement's is important summarize reasons and examples

5. Purpose of Audience

5.1. clear purpose is stated to persuade

5.2. maintains viewpoint or voice and focus on the topic