JRE Prospect Management

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JRE Prospect Management by Mind Map: JRE Prospect Management

1. Lock Box MLS

1.1. Automatic Feedback System

1.2. Enter to Pro-Agent

1.3. Follow Up Call/Get encourage feedback

1.4. Follow Up Activity Series Pro Agent

1.4.1. Get Appointment

1.5. Add to Email Campaigne

2. On-site Agent

2.1. Follow up Call/Thank you

2.2. Add to Pro agent/Save Follow Up Strategy

2.2.1. Get Them Back On-site

2.3. Add Notes/Feedback to Pro-Agent

2.4. Add to Email Campaigne

3. On-site Visitor

3.1. Determine Prospect Status

3.1.1. A Prospect

3.1.2. B Prospect

3.2. Follow Up call/Thank you

3.3. Enter Pro agent/Add Notes

3.4. Save Follow Up Strategy

3.4.1. Get Return Visit

3.5. Add to Email Campaigne

4. Web Lead

4.1. Call if Number Provided/Thank you

4.2. Add them To email Campaign

4.3. Add Pro Agent/code them Web Lead

4.4. Save Follow Up Strategy

5. Referral

5.1. Set Appointment/Or return Visit

5.2. Send Thank You to Referrer

5.3. Add to Pro-Agent

5.4. Save them to Campaigne