PostOp Package

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PostOp Package by Mind Map: PostOp Package

1. What I would offer

1.1. A supplement to their diet that offers 2-3 key vitamins they need to recover quickly from their surgical procedure, this comes in a 30-day pill taker box once a month.

2. Where would be the first

2.1. Dr. Pullen's Office

2.2. Town and Country Hospital

2.3. Google Ad Words

3. Why Would they buy?

3.1. To help their family member or them recover quicker my promoting strong bones and fighting off infection by making sure their diet and vitamin intake is top notch

3.2. By easing their pain with Glucosomine Cotroitin.

4. How much would I charge?

4.1. I've always liked the 19.99 thing

5. Places to Market

6. Barriers to Getting Started

6.1. Getting Into Surgeons Offices

6.2. Convincing OR to let me put informative touchscreen in Surgery Waiting Room

6.3. Convincing Rehab place to let me put marketing materials there

7. Other Services Included

7.1. A private forum to talk about post operative pain from surgery

7.2. Every month they get some sort of informative health flyer backing up the use of supplements

7.3. Send other new random products in the mail free of charge

8. Ways to Market

8.1. Google ad words

8.2. Places to Market

8.2.1. Surgeons Offices

8.2.2. Surgery Rehab Places

8.2.3. OR waiting rooms

9. Who would buy?

9.1. Patients

9.2. Patients Family Members/Friends