Energy Core Group (Jeff McNeely, Andrea Athanas, Katharine Cross, Dick Ottinger, Lorena Aguilar, ...

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Energy Core Group (Jeff McNeely, Andrea Athanas, Katharine Cross, Dick Ottinger, Lorena Aguilar, TP Singh, Geoffrey Howard) by Mind Map: Energy Core Group (Jeff McNeely, Andrea Athanas, Katharine Cross, Dick Ottinger, Lorena Aguilar, TP Singh, Geoffrey Howard)

1. Biofuels Groups

1.1. European Union Policy Related

1.1.1. RED Directive EU Tender Radhika (Ecosystem Management Programme) JC (Species Programme) Piet Wit (CEM)

1.1.2. CEN standards Yves de Soye (ROfE Danielle de Nie (IUCN NL Committee) ROfE Intern

1.2. Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels

1.2.1. Regional Roundtables Taffeta (IUCN US) Meso America Africa

1.2.2. Chambers Dick Ottinger (CEL) John Costenbader Juan Marco Alvarez Barbara Bramble (RSB)

1.2.3. Environment Working Group Jeff McNeely Sebastia Haye Barbara Bramble (NWF)

1.3. Invasive Species tools

1.3.1. Geoffrey Howard (Species Programme)

1.3.2. GISP

1.3.3. Invasive Species Specialist Group

1.4. Shell and biofuels

1.4.1. Wetlands International

1.5. Gender and bioenergy

1.5.1. Energia

1.5.2. Lorena Aguilar

2. Marine Groups

2.1. Marine based Renewable Energy

2.1.1. Dan (marine network)

2.1.2. Frank Vorhies

2.1.3. Carl Gustav

2.1.4. James Oliver

2.2. North Sea Decomissioning

2.2.1. Dennis Hossack (BBP)

2.3. Yemen LNG

2.3.1. Carl Gustav

2.3.2. Frank Vorhies

3. Ecosystems Underpining Energy

3.1. Changing energy scenarios

3.1.1. International Energy Agency

3.1.2. Global Energy Assessment

3.2. TEEB

3.3. Ecosystems and Climate Change

4. Oil and Gas

4.1. Shell relationship

4.1.1. Biodiversity action plans Vipri Stuki (IUCN secondment to Shell)

4.1.2. Arctic Dennis Hossack

4.1.3. Nigeria Dennis Hossack

4.2. Western Gray Whale Advisory Panel

4.2.1. Carl Gustave (GMP)

4.2.2. Randy Reeves (SSC)

4.2.3. Finn Larsen (GMP)

5. Water groups

5.1. Biofuels

5.1.1. SEKAB

5.1.2. Katharine Cross

5.1.3. WBCSD

5.1.4. SUR

5.2. Energy and water (general)

5.2.1. Katharine Cross Link to Water Network

5.2.2. WBCSD

5.2.3. WEF

5.2.4. Shell, Joppe C

5.3. Hydropower

5.3.1. Mark Smith

5.3.2. International Hydropower Association

5.3.3. WWF Water

6. Forests and Energy

6.1. Biochar

6.2. charcoal

6.2.1. PACO

6.2.2. Traffic

6.3. traditionl bioenergy

6.3.1. Lorena Aguilar

6.3.2. Cléto (PACO)

6.4. REDD

6.4.1. David Hubermann

6.4.2. Jeff Sayer (Forest Programme)

6.4.3. Josh Bishop (Chief Economist)

7. Islands and Energy

7.1. Oceania

7.1.1. Secretariat Taholo Kami (ORO) Anare Matakiviti (ORO) Bernie O'Callaghan (ORO)

7.1.2. Members

7.1.3. Commissions

7.1.4. Donors Austrian Mininstry Foreign Affairs (Irene Freudenschuss-Reichl) Simona Somma (DGCS) Giorgio Grusso (Italian government)

7.1.5. Partners Energia NY Pacific Ambassadors Amb. XX

7.2. Caribbean

7.2.1. Members Tulsie Bishnu Carla Gordon cletus Springer Daniel Brisard David Smith Franklin McDonald James Fletcher Leary Myers Liliana Nunez Omar Ramirez Orlando Rey Patricia Lamelas Roberto Perez Ronald Toussaint Rosa Lamelas Sarah George Sarah McIntosh Steve Devonish Susan Otuokon

7.2.2. Secretariat Felix Finisterre Yves Renard Tighe Geoghegan

7.3. SIDS workshop at Global Forum for Sustainable Energy

7.3.1. Irene Freudenschuss-Reichl

7.3.2. Anare Matakivit (ORO)

7.3.3. Secretariat Yves Renard

8. Mitigating Energy Impacts

8.1. Renewables

8.1.1. IRENA

8.1.2. John Costenbader (ELC)

8.1.3. Dick Ottinger (CEL)

8.1.4. Irene Freudenschuss-Reichl (Austrian Mininstry of Foreign Affairs)

8.1.5. UNIDO

9. Biodiversity and energy

9.1. Invasives

9.1.1. Biofuels

9.1.2. Shipping Environmental Law Centre

9.2. Key Biodiversity Areas

9.2.1. Secretariat Species Protected Areas Ecosystem Management

9.3. High conservation value (HCV) approach

9.3.1. Secretariat Guido B (RofE) Danielle de Nie, IUCN NL