NewsELA Article #1

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NewsELA Article #1 by Mind Map: NewsELA Article #1

1. Football don't use social media for a weekend.

1.1. Who cares? -A.C.

1.2. Doesn't stop online hate. -K.L.

1.2.1. No, but it shows unity. -O.P.

2. Who has experienced online abuse?

2.1. My cousin got a nasty comment left on her Tik Tok. -J.U.

2.2. Everyone knows someone who has. -R.W.

2.3. People just hide behind their keyboard. -K.L

2.3.1. The internet is the home of free speech! No one should control what gets said on it. - T.Y.

3. Anyone have any ideas on how to stop online abuse?

3.1. Turn off the comment sections. -O.P.

3.1.1. But people can have positive interactions too! -T.Y.