Assessment Process

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Assessment Process by Mind Map: Assessment Process

1. Blueprints

1.1. Assessment timetable confirmed

1.2. Content confirmed

1.3. Submit Examination Specification sheets to ExamOffice

2. Content

2.1. Upload approved assessment blueprints to SharePoint

2.2. Refer Academics to SharePoint for content requirement

2.3. Submit assessment content via SharePoint/ExamBank

2.4. Remind academics of content deadline

3. Formatting

3.1. Collate content

3.2. Create Exam on ExamBank

3.3. Use Assessment templates to create scripts

4. Approval

4.1. Initial approval of draft

4.2. Edit draft

4.3. Final approval

5. Printing to ExamOffice

5.1. Scripts approved

5.2. Submitted to ExamOffice

5.3. Script, Classlist, Answer Booklet, Answer sheets, .exe file for OSCAs

5.4. Confirm time, date, venue via MyUni

6. Grading

6.1. Raw Score

6.1.1. Data entry completed by academics

6.1.2. Confirm outliers

6.2. Final Score

6.2.1. Blind double mark all <54%

6.2.2. Manually check 10% of scripts

6.3. Final Grade

6.3.1. Once approved save final grade

6.3.2. Release final grade via Gradebook

7. Day of Assessment

7.1. Arrive 30mins before start

7.2. Double check script, answer booklet, answer sheet, timing etc

7.3. Provide brief assessment report to AEC/SubDean/UoS Corordinators

8. Emergency Information

8.1. UoS Co-ordinator on day of assessment for clarifcation

8.2. Ai Lin Nio/Nicole Taylor

8.3. Alan Wright (EO)

9. Feedback

9.1. Use templates

9.2. Use online Fast Feedback System

9.3. Double check grade with final grade

10. Results to Record

10.1. Semester 1 - all results submitted as INC

10.2. Semester 2 - after Progression Meeting final results submited electronically to Results to Record

10.3. Michael Thomson