Diane Larsen Freeman

Complexity theory

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Diane Larsen Freeman by Mind Map: Diane Larsen Freeman


1.1. Is the study of complex dynamic adaptive systems that is interconnected with the environment and comprised of many components in which new patterns emerge.

1.1.1. Student learners language interact through iterative direct interaction over and over again, because that, the students create a pattern by using the language meaningfully for their own purposes and so develop a non-ending process that counters the tendency to see the learner language as deficient compared to native speaker language.


2.1. Is the problem of learnears while learning a language in the classroom; they can't use the language for their own purposes outside the classroom or in a subsequent lesson.

2.2. JAMES GLEICK: Act of playing the game.

2.2.1. Is the act of using language meaningfully as a way of changing the grammar in the mind of the language user

3. In my opinion, complexity theory is a useful way forward in studying language education because it follows the learner's development trajectory that is unique and based on their experience, the social environment and also the languages the learner knows.