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Emotion by Mind Map: Emotion

1. some people express certain emotions differently

2. Metaphors and symbols

2.1. colors can symbolize emotions

2.1.1. sadness

2.1.2. blue calmness

2.1.3. red love anger

2.1.4. green envy

2.2. animals to symbolize/represent metaphors

2.2.1. rabbit low curiosity virtue quiet talent restrained passion

2.2.2. wolf strong

2.2.3. elk wise patience, pacing is the key

2.2.4. coyote foolish disruptive looked down upon troublemaker

2.2.5. mouse attention to detail scrutiny

2.3. weather as symbols

2.3.1. sunny

2.3.2. cloudy raining snowing

2.3.3. nighttime early morning

2.3.4. fall spring summer

3. Ambiguous emotions

3.1. interest

3.1.1. distracted

3.2. nervousness

3.3. love

3.4. anxious

3.5. discomfort

3.6. pain/sadness

3.7. difficult to read

4. expressing emotions

4.1. sometimes we express emotions similarly -trends in emotional reactions

5. psychology

5.1. disorders

5.1.1. adhd/autism/spectrum disorders difficulty expressing emotions difficulty reading emotions difficulties with social situations and body language emotional outbursts inappropriate emotions for situations atypical reactions guilt and self doubt hyperactivity innattention jealousy frustration self doubt medication-not wanting to need something to be "normal"

5.1.2. emotional disorders

5.2. psychoanalysis

5.2.1. carl jung dream interpretation subconscious/unconscious mind true feelings

5.3. theories

5.4. mental health

6. brain chemistry

6.1. scientific data about emotions

6.2. areas of the brain that display reactions during certian emotions

6.3. hormonal responses

6.3.1. PMS

6.4. neurological disorders

6.5. injuries and damages/affects on emotions

6.5.1. Traumatic brain injury