Israel-Palestine Issue

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Israel-Palestine Issue by Mind Map: Israel-Palestine Issue

1. Background

1.1. Demand for Jewish country

1.1.1. After growing atrocities/discrimination against them across the world Migration to different parts

1.1.2. Start of Zionism By Theodor Herzl Stated that Jews should have their Separate country 1896 Affect Migration of large scale Jews in Palestine area

2. How British tricked them all?

2.1. 1915

2.1.1. British,French and Arab revolutionaries were fighting against the world war-1 British made similar agreements with conflicting parties Manmohan-Hussein Correspondence Balfour Declaration Secret Deal with French

3. Hiter’s coming to power in Germany and the affects

3.1. Hitler persecuted Jews

3.1.1. Affect Migration of Jews from Hitler controlled Europe to various countries Many of them migrated to Palestine

4. British Leaves Palestine

4.1. 8July,1948

4.2. Leaving the responsibility of dividing the country to United Nations

4.2.1. UN Partition plan,1947 Grants 55% of historic Palestine to a Jewish State Grants 45% of historic Palestine to Arab State Jerusalem to be under international control Israel accepts the plan Birth of Israel in 1948 rejected by bordering Arab states They see the plan a British way of continuing their colonialism in the area Wage a war with Israel to take control of the territories in their control

5. 2nd Arab Israeli War

5.1. 1967

5.1.1. Israel wins Israel captures Gaza,West Bank,East Jerusalem Captures Sinai Peninsula from Egypt Captures Golan heights from Syria Captures Jerusalem

6. Birth of Palestine Liberation Organization(PLO)

6.1. 1964

6.2. Want independent country

6.3. believes Israel shouldn’t exist as a country

6.3.1. hence declared a terrorist orgranzation by USA,Israel

7. recognition of PLO

7.1. By

7.1.1. Arab league

7.1.2. UN General Assembly

7.2. As the representative of the Palestinians

7.3. 1974

8. Peace talks between Egypt and Israel

8.1. 1979

8.2. Egypt becomes the first Arab country to recognise Israel as a country

8.3. Israel gives back the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt

8.4. Affect

8.4.1. Nobel Prize in 1978 to Israeli PM Menachem Begin Egyptian President Anwar Sadat

9. Settlements in West Bank

9.1. Israeli government encourages settlements by giving subsidies

9.1.1. Many migrate due to political and religious reasons

9.1.2. Around 6 lacs + people migrate

9.2. belief that West Bank belongs to Israel

9.3. Considered Illegal by International Community

9.3.1. As it goes against UN partition Plan 1947

9.4. Palestinians believe its a colonialism undertaken by Israelis

10. The Positive Change

10.1. New PM of Israel

10.1.1. Yitzhak Rabin Believes PLO is not a terrorist organisation Officially recognised PLO PLO in turn officially recognises Israel

10.2. Oslo Accords 1993

10.2.1. Israel recognised PLO

10.2.2. Agreed to gradually implement self rule for Palestinians in West Bank Gaza Strip

10.2.3. Affect Palestinians autonomous regions of the West Bank and Gaza Strip established—ruled by Palestinian National Authority 1994 First time Palestinians govt established West Bank divided into 3 areas

10.2.4. Affect Nobel Prize in 1994 Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin Palestinian authority President -Yasser Arafat

11. Growth of Hamas

11.1. Hamas formed in 1987

11.1.1. By Islamic right wing nationalists

11.1.2. Believes PLO is compromising its historic position with Israel

11.1.3. Aim to destroy Israel

11.2. Hamas

11.2.1. boycotts election of Palestine in 1996

11.2.2. Suicide bombings in Israel

11.3. Hamas wins election in 2006

11.3.1. Defeating Fatah(PLO Party)

11.4. Fatah-Hamas conflict in 2007

11.4.1. Also called Battle of Gaza Division of Palestine into two Gaza Controlled by West Bank by

12. Position today

12.1. Israel occupation on West Bank through settlements etc

12.2. Israel Claims entire Jerusalem as its capital

12.2.1. US recognises this claim

12.3. Palestinians claim East Jerusalem

12.3.1. As the capital of future Palestinian state

12.4. Gaza

12.4.1. Controlled by Hamas

12.4.2. Borders are tightly controlled by Egypt and Israel To prevent weapons getting into hands of hamas

12.5. Suffering of Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank

12.5.1. Coz of Israeli restrictions and actions Israel claims it is protecting itself from Palestinian violence

13. Why the conflict now

13.1. Building of tensions since the start of Ramzan

13.1.1. Why Israeli police set up barricades at the Damascus Gate outside the occupied Old City preventing Palestinians from gathering there

13.2. Escalation of the conflict

13.2.1. eviction of dozens of Palestinian families in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah

13.3. Jerusalem Day march

13.3.1. The Israeli authorities had given permission

13.3.2. taken out by far-right Zionists through the Arab Quarter of the Old City

13.3.3. Ahead of the march on May 10 Israeli armed forces stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque with rubber bullets, stun grenades and tear gas to evict Palestinians, who Israel said had camped with stones and Molotov cocktails

13.4. What is Sheikh Jarrah dispute?

13.4.1. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were forced out of their homes when the State of Israel was created in historical Palestine in 1948 Twenty-eight of those Palestinian families moved to Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem to settle there. In 1956, when East Jerusalem was ruled by Jordan and hence facilitated the construction of houses for these families in Sheikh Jarrah

13.5. Why Jerusalem ?

13.5.1. centre of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict According to the original 1947 UN partition plan Jerusalem was proposed to be an international city