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Human Rights Online by Mind Map: Human Rights Online
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Human Rights Online

Net Neutrality

governance issue

basic principles of internet design


Budapest Cybercrime Convention

Privacy and protection of data



the right to be forgotten


full disclosure of who might have access to data

explicit permission for the access to personal data

Freedom of expression


Online Freedom of Expression is a basic Human Right

When is restriction of freedom of expression acceptable under International human rights law

the right to education

digital literacy

access to educational material

Innovative digital education

human rights defenders

right to fair trial

bloggers' rights

freedom of peaceful assembly

participation online while enjoying human rights and fundamental freedoms

online associations


right to development

Access to Internet

The right to development is an inalienable human right

right to access to Internet

recognition as a new right

choice of service

Internet Access is a basic Human Right

unrestricted access to all content

Prohibition of discrimination

Problem with outdated national laws not seeing blogging and other online activities as public