Qualititave Research

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Qualititave Research by Mind Map: Qualititave Research

1. About their live and what they take for granted

2. Definition

2.1. according

2.1.1. John Creswell (1994) distinct methodological to explore a social or human problema.

2.1.2. Sharan B Merriam How people make sense of their world and experiences Interested in understanding the meaking people have construted

2.1.3. Dr. Lesbe Curry strategy to collect, organize and, interpret textual information SISTEMATICALLY to generate insights into phenomeno difficult to measure quantitatively

3. Charcateristics

3.1. By Bogdan and Bilen are diferent types

3.1.1. Naturalistic Comes from ecological approaches in biology Defined as a no experimental approach which subjects are in their natural settings

3.1.2. Descriptive data Mathematical technique organizes, presents and describ es a set of data The purpose of facilitating support of tables, numerical or graphical measures these techniques are used in researcher needs process and analyze the data collected invole more active participation by participants.

3.1.3. Concern with the process Helpful in clarifying performance in education field students or teachers Qualitative research focuses on process rather outcomes uses multiple interactive the there main methods of data collection

3.1.4. Inductive Theories, or concepts are built gathering data. Uses a bottom up direction to understand situations Focus on behaviours Construct theories Reach conclusions

3.1.5. Meaning Erickson1986 Researchers know that meaning is of essential concern to the qualitative appraach These perspectives focus on the assumptions

4. Ethical considerations

4.1. have to be

4.1.1. set by researches

4.1.2. to protect participants and

4.1.3. support ethical approaches to fieldwork

4.2. basic ethical

4.2.1. Avoid research sites where participants may feel coerced to participate

4.2.2. Honour the participants’ privacy

4.2.3. difference in participants’ time commitment.

4.2.4. Protect participants’ identities

4.2.5. Treat with respect and seek their cooperation

4.3. make

4.3.1. Participants have a vital role and as explained contribute to the análisis

4.3.2. achieve the goals of a research

4.3.3. respect the participants’ rights