Referral and Assessment Process For Assistive Technology

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Referral and Assessment Process For Assistive Technology by Mind Map: Referral and Assessment Process For Assistive Technology

1. Step 1: Referral for Assistive Assessment

1.1. Team considers these items

1.1.1. prior and current assessments

1.1.2. student data and personal infomation

1.1.3. medical data for vital concerns

1.1.4. vision and hearning reports

1.1.5. information about any technology or equipement currently in use

1.1.6. background information regarding any relate services provided previously for the students.

2. Step 2: Conducting an AT assessment

2.1. AT specialist will observe the student's abilitites and skills

2.1.1. Cognitive skills

2.1.2. current use of AT device

2.1.3. sensory and motor skills

2.1.4. communication and social skills

2.2. AT specialist will gather background information on student

2.2.1. direct observation of student in several environment

2.2.2. formal and informal interviews with family, teachers and student

3. Step 3: The Individualized Education Program Team

3.1. the selection and implementation of AT should be deremined by the team

3.1.1. after need of the device is determine, the device must be acquired

3.1.2. a device trial is suggested because of the cost of can be very expensive

4. Step 4: Implementation of the AT device

4.1. Training may be necessary

4.1.1. student may need short-term assistance and monitoring to ensure device is used correctly

4.2. SPED teachers role

4.2.1. make sure support is there for the student

4.2.2. see that the student is a successfule learner

4.3. AT device should be assessed while student is assessed for meeting learning goals