Outdoor living

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Outdoor living by Mind Map: Outdoor living

1. who?

1.1. People who enjoy camping

1.2. The homeless

1.3. Dog walkers

1.4. Families

1.5. School children

1.6. People doing DofE

1.7. People getting treated in hospital

1.8. People who neurodiversity and like quiet spaces

1.9. People who suffer from asthma or bad hey fever

2. Why?

2.1. Make being outdoors more enjoyable

2.2. encouraging people to be more sustainable

2.3. encourage children to get outdoors more

2.4. Making being outside more accessible to people who struggle to get outdoors

2.4.1. Elderly

2.4.2. Young children

2.5. People who live in areas with little space

2.5.1. Live in flats

2.5.2. University accommodation

3. What?

3.1. Has to be lightweight for campers

3.2. Interactive for school children and families

3.3. Weather resistant for dog walking in bad weather

4. Where?

4.1. Forests

4.2. Country side

4.3. The beach

4.4. mountains

5. When?

5.1. In all seasons

5.2. Extreme weather

5.2.1. rain

5.2.2. snow

5.2.3. hail

5.2.4. heat waves

5.3. All times of the day

6. Problems

6.1. Can be costly to manufacture

6.2. Materials need to be light weight if for camping and durable

6.3. Weather resistant

6.4. Easy to use

6.5. Better if not electric

6.5.1. better for all weathers