Plastic Packaging

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Plastic Packaging by Mind Map: Plastic Packaging

1. Reverse

1.1. Change the position of the plastic to just around the item to prevent excessive use of plastic

1.2. Plastic packaging can be converted into a toy

2. Eliminate

2.1. Eliminate the plastic material

2.2. Eliminate big packages if there's a small item being delivered

3. Substitute

3.1. Replace the material of plastic with seaweed

3.2. Replace plastic with cardboard

4. Combine

4.1. Make the plastic something else that's fun to do like a fidget toy

4.2. Add new colors of the customers choice to the plastic packaging

5. Adapt

5.1. Make the material biodegradable

5.2. Add an easy to open flap

6. Modify

6.1. Different sizes of plastic depending on what they are protecting, smaller items equal smaller sizes

6.2. Change the shape of the packaging into a smaller version of an animal for little kid toys

7. Put to other uses

7.1. Collectable plastics so some customers don't throw it away

7.2. Edible packaging