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The Will Power Instinct by Mind Map: The Will Power Instinct
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The Will Power Instinct

Pre Cortex

Self Awareness

Nervous Systems

Fight or Flee

Pause and Think

Heart Rate Variability

License to Skin


Delusion of Progress

Tomorrow Licenses Today

Halo Effect





Tapping on WANT power

Choice Architecture


Discoveredthe Promise of Reward - Evolution trick to keep us alive

Be on the Lookout for Manipulators of Dopamine Neurons

Incenticise yourself


Brain Protects Mood -> Trigger Cravings

Know effect Stress Relievers

Beware WHAT THE HELL Effect

Future You

Delay Discounting

Eons ago. To survive. A bird in the hand is better than 2 in the bush

Burn your Ships

Meet your Future Self


Find a Will Power Role Model

Shame is Limited

Appeal to Pride

I Won't Power

Ironic Rebound