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slavery and education are incompatible with each other by Mind Map: slavery and education are incompatible with each other
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slavery and education are incompatible with each other

Frederick douglass background info and picture

Frederick Douglass as abolitionist


better to not know what you are missing

knowledge is more a curse than a blessing to a slave

being dreadfully aware that you are a slave for life

soul sucking

anyone aware of their living condition is in a perpetual hell

slavery is a double edged sword


master hughs



learns how to write from school boys by tricking them

first letters were learned to write from watching the shippwrightes

mistress taught him alphabet before she starting treating him as a slave

learned to read and write in the most subtle ways

main points

the trauma douglas is going through besides being slave is that of awareness. of his condition

i feel the mistress was unwillingly cruel to douglass just by teaching him the alphabet.

he is aware of his condition and suffers more from wishing himself dead

at the end of the story he does two things. 1. learns how to read and write by copying his masters handwriting and other tedious means 2. he resolves himself to run away as suggested by the two irish shipmen.


"she at first lacked the depravity necessary indispensable to shutting me up in mental darkness"pg.259 para 1

"it was at least necessary for her to have some training in the ecercise of irresponsible power." pg.259. paragraph 1

"Frederick Douglass was the most important black American leader of the 19th century."

"There is perhaps no argument more frequently resorted to by the Slaveholders in support of the slave system, than the inferiority of the slave. This is the burden of all their defence of the institution of slavery, "the negro is degraded—he is ignorant, he is inferior—and therefore 'tis right to enslave him."

Frederick Douglas pic as slave

what does 4th of july mean to american slave

white celebration only

has no iportance to immagrants or slaves.

fourth of july is almost offensisive to slave because it is reminder to slaves that all the white people are free and they are suffering in the unjustifiable act of being accused as less than human.