Leeds Green Podcast E1

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Leeds Green Podcast E1 by Mind Map: Leeds Green Podcast E1

1. Leeds Issues

1.1. The airport expansion

1.1.1. Other Leeds issues that have a green angle

1.2. Electric car charging points

1.3. Recycling and the incinerator

1.4. Transport policy

1.4.1. joined up cycling infrastructure for Leeds and the surrounding areas.

1.4.2. Might Leeds actually use the congestion cameras installed yet never used to invest the fines to improve public transport?

1.4.3. Leeds has never had a decent public transport network. We have fallen behind all other major cities and this urgently needs to be addressed.

1.5. 15 minute neighbourhoods - or 'all in to the city centre'?

1.6. Why does Leeds still focus on growth? What level of interest is there in a transformation doughnut economics approach? How will we as a city tackle adaptability given the climate crisis is already here?

1.7. Education policy

1.7.1. I'm having something of an existential crisis at the moment as HT. Feel like I'm part of the problem (environmentally speaking) and not doing enough to create critical thinkers rather than future blind consumers. Anyway, please feel free to ignore anything which doesn't fit!!

1.7.2. Schools not being able to encourage the critical analysis of capitalism as a sustainable political system and what the Green view on this would be

1.7.3. What emphasis a Green party education would place on ecology and environmental awareness

1.7.4. Opinions on School Strike and young people’s growing passion for the environment

1.7.5. OFSTED and what the Green party view is on them as a body

1.7.6. Workload on everyone involved in education

1.7.7. The mental health crisis among our young people and the complete lack of support for schools

1.8. Promoting public transport of electrical vehicles. Banning cars from city centre and a few miles radius.

1.9. Creating green spaces to include natural and meadow environments in the new ‘20 min areas’ (don’t remember what they’re called)

1.10. What are LCC plans to reduce household carbon footprint… are there plans to make changes to the power source of every household? Are there plans to use more solar and wind energy?

1.11. Fuel poverty - what can we do to address this?

1.11.1. Ie housing is so poorly insulated that fuel costs Re through roof and many of these social housing units don't get upgraded in away that benefits tenants

1.11.2. Retrofitting and fuel poverty in Leeds, how can we get support to make a real difference?

1.12. how exactly are householders going to afford heat pumps and major changes to their home heating, plumbing and insulation when gas is taxed out of existence?

1.13. Why do the Greens want to stop the first railway route being built in this country since Victorian times and which could reduce emissions?

2. Why the Greens?

2.1. Green Politics

2.1.1. Adversarial and combative

2.1.2. Environmental and social justice

2.2. Green Living

2.2.1. Living in right relationship with the planet

2.3. What is green thinking/philosophy? How does it shape your thinking about something like 'children's services for example?

3. Electoral politics

3.1. Is it worth it? Can it provide the speed and strength and response that the current context demands

3.1.1. Climate collapse

3.1.2. Mass extinctions

3.1.3. Consumerism/capitalism pandemic

3.2. Personal change and transformation - being the change - frugality

4. Green leadership - nationally/locally

4.1. Feminine/collective

4.2. Participative

4.3. What can the Green achieve on Leeds Council?

4.4. What difference might more Green politicians make nationall? Locally?

4.5. Explain the structure of the Green parties in Leeds?

4.6. Young Greens?

4.7. Green and foreign policy - Afghanistan