Footprints Without Feet

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Footprints Without Feet by Mind Map: Footprints Without Feet

1. In order to escape the cold night , he slips into a london store for warmth and spends the night in a store.

2. He treated himself with the food available in the store and also wore warm clothes, shoes, overcoat and wide brimmed hat.

3. He is chased by the shop workers who arrive early next morning, and in a bid to escape he had to remove his clothes again.

4. Summary

5. Griffin, a scientist proves that the human body can become invisible

6. His body transforms into a sheet of glass after he swallows certain rare drugs.

7. As he had some beef with his landlord he decided to take revenge by setting his house on fire and in order to escape unnoticed he had to flee naked.

8. Characters

8.1. Mr. Jaffers: The Constable

8.2. Griffin: The Scientist

8.3. Mr. and Mrs. Hall: The Landlord

9. Author

9.1. H.G. Wells

10. places

10.1. London

10.2. lping

11. He rushed to Drury Lane, entered a shop and came out covering his forehead with bandages, along with a false glass, a false nose and whiskers along with a hat.

12. He books two rooms at an inn.

13. The inn owner couple on an early morning find that there was no one in the scientist room and decided to explore the awkward scientist's room.

14. They are greeted with blows from a chair, and they called for the village constable.

15. The constable Mr. Jaffers tries to arrest the scientist but the scientist manages to escape again by removing all the bandages, whiskers, false nose and clothes.