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Life Plan by Mind Map: Life Plan

1. Business

1.1. What are my business goals?

1.2. To be my own boss

1.3. To have a stable job

1.4. To have a high salary

2. Family

2.1. How do I spend more time with my family?

2.2. Keep close to family

2.3. Support emotionally and financially

3. Health

3.1. How can I improve my health?

3.2. Stay fit

3.3. Eat healthy

3.4. Think positively

4. Friends

4.1. How can I spend more time with friends?

4.2. Make time to spend with friends

4.3. Keep in contact with friends

5. Career

5.1. How will I pursue my career?

5.2. Work hard

5.3. Keep my mind on my goals

5.4. Stay committed

6. Hobbies

6.1. How can I have time for my hobbies?

6.2. Make time to spend on hobbies

6.3. Incoperate my hobbies into everyday life