Malik (Iranian 17 years old)

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Malik (Iranian 17 years old) by Mind Map: Malik  (Iranian 17 years old)

1. Community Friends / family

1.1. Online community of peers

1.2. Parents

1.3. Farsi background information sheet

2. ePortfolio

2.1. Examples of work

2.1.1. Writing example

2.1.2. Reading text example

2.2. Demonstration of progress

2.3. eProfile - Record of progress

2.3.1. Sociocultural

2.3.2. medical

2.4. Individual Programme Plan (IPP)

3. Tools

3.1. ELLINZ Moodle Course

3.2. Local library computers

3.3. Online library

3.4. School computers

3.5. Books etc

3.6. Bilingual dictionary

3.7. Podcasts/vodcasts

3.8. Online communication tools

3.9. Wiki

3.10. Microblogging

4. School

4.1. eTutors

4.2. Advisors (bilingual)

4.3. Mainstream teachers

4.4. eTeachers

5. ELLINZ Moodle Course

5.1. Orientation module (week 1)

5.1.1. E.g. Videos for computer access - nouns

5.1.2. E.g. Videos for computer access - verbs

5.1.3. Revision/reinforcement activities

5.2. Module 1 (weeks 2 onwards as as required)

5.2.1. Pre-unit Assessment

5.2.2. Example activities for pre-literate learners: sequential and increasing in level of difficulty over time(not exhaustive) - See visual, hear and see text and repeat / record - Hear the word and spell it - Play the games e.g. Memory - 'we saw an example of this...' - Play barrier activity with another student. Both have a list of words and have to say if they are the same word or different. - Sort pictures into 2 piles. One they know the names of and ones they don’t - Do some of pre-literate activities for words they don’t know - Use word cards strategies - Use a barrier activity e.g. student A has written text‘ e.g. a dolphin’, student B has either a picture of a dolphin or a different animal - Use pre-written words and sentences to complete lists - Write titles for pre-selected groups or own groups - Barrier activity 1 - ‘Appearance’. Student A has ‘A cow has four legs’ Student B has either a picture of a cow or a different animal - Hear and see sentences and match to pictures e.g ‘A cow has four legs’ - Barrier activity 2 ‘Habitat’, e.g. Students A has ‘a cow lives in a field’, Student B has picture of matching or non matching habitat - Barrier activities could be done as a game of Memory - Cloze completion where missing words represented by visuals e.g. A (picture of cow) lives in a (picture of field) - Stage 1 students could dictate their sentences from the core activity to Foundation students who could email their sentences to Stage 1 for correction. - Sort online pictures and find more pictures to put in groups. Extend the number of groups for the more able - Match written sentences and pictures - Match spoken sentences and pictures - Complete interactive activities (online and paper-based); e.g. a wordsearch (afterwards compare answers in pairs) - Students dictate words to each other and email to partner to check - Access audio and visual activities; e.g. students select correct collocations - Use texts as barrier cloze. When completed compare with original - Students find information about an animal from their country of origin and colour code the different parts of the text. Add the information to the ethnic boxes in Moodle - Complete text reconstruction - Complete more complex text reconstruction - Complete a cloze or barrier cloze of labelled text and compare - Write texts about other animals for partners to label with title, classification and description

5.3. Module 2