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Life is very SHORT by Mind Map: Life is very SHORT


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2. # 1

2.1. # 1.1

2.1.1. 1 vocabulary give up [TO GIVE UP] means to abandom something or an idea, it means to stop trying. Ex. I gave up my dream of becoming a pilot. South Pole SOUTH POLE It is the southernmost point on the surface of Earth and lies on the opposite side of Earth from the North Pole. get away from it all To get away from it all means: to go somewhere, usually on vacation, where you can completely relax and forget your responsibilities or problems: People go fishing to get away from it all. test

2.2. # 1.2

2.2.1. 2 vocabulary actually # 1

2.3. # 1.3

2.3.1. 3 vocabulary fortunately sledge storm suddenly shout

2.4. # 1.4

2.4.1. 4 vocabulary enjoy while