Zoo Project Timeline

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Zoo Project Timeline by Mind Map: Zoo Project Timeline

1. Week 1

1.1. Divide event in 6 departments: food, entertainment, setup, guest confirmation, photography and security.

1.2. Assign tasks and deadlines for each department.

1.3. Assign a leader for each department.

1.4. Hire staff: coordinators for departments, receptionists, labor for setup, entertainment, live music, waiters, chefs, photographers, and security.

2. Week 2

2.1. Schedule a meeting and develop a team building activity.

2.2. Choose and rent materials for the setup. (Tables, chairs, tents, lights, stage, sound)

2.3. Decide the type of activities to develop.

2.4. Order Food.

2.5. Sign contracts.

3. Week 3

3.1. Decide the locations inside the zoo for dinning and live music.

3.2. Decide the schedule for dinning and entertainment.

3.3. Create the list of guests with their contact information.

4. Week 4

4.1. Monitor all tasks and make evaluate checklist to determine what is missing.

5. Week 5

5.1. Design, print, send and confirm invitations.

5.2. Start setup 2 days before event.

6. Week 6

6.1. Supervise staff work and help solve problems.