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Statistics/Data Analysis by Mind Map: Statistics/Data Analysis
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Statistics/Data Analysis

Line Graph

Continuous Data

time usually marked on horizontal axis

Shows trends in a variable over time

how data values change over time

What the graph needs?

Used to see a "trend" between two variables


relationship between two sets of data

What graph needs?

Measure of Central Tendency- KM,LR





Standard Deviation/Variance


Pictograph (RL)

Used to represent tellies of categories.

Dot Plot (RL)

Provides a quick and simple way of organizing numerical data.

Numerical data

A horizontal number line on which each score is represented by a dot, or an x above the corresponding number-line value





Bar Graphs

All the parts of a graph: (RL)

Frequency Table (RL)

Shows how many times data occurs in a range.


New node

Bar Graph

Daniel Gomez


What is a Bar Graph used for?

(Categorical Data) To compare numbers of data items in grouped categories; order of data does not matter except for convenience.

Parts of a Bar Graph

Create your own bar graph!

Circle Graph

Daniel Gomez


What is a Circle Graph?

A graph which consists of a circular region partitioned into disjoint sections, with each section representing a part or piece of the whole.

What is a Circle Graph used for?

(Categorical Data) To show the division of a whole into parts.

Parts of a Circle Graph

Create your own Circle Graph!


Daniel Gomez


What is a Histogram?

A diagram consisting of rectangles whose area is proportional to the frequency of a variable and whose width is equal to the class interval.

What is a Histogram used for?

(Numerical Data) To compare numbers of data items grouped in numerical intervals; order matters in the data depicted.

Parts of a Histogram

Create your own Histogram!

Abuse of Statistics (KM, AG)

Reported Statistics-DG

Misleading Graphs

Misuse of Mean, Median, and Mode

Statistics are used to display information and are commonly abused.

Stem and Leaf Plot

Used to show each value in a data set and group values.

What the graph needs?

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