Mankind is No Island

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Mankind is No Island by Mind Map: Mankind is No Island

1. Time

1.1. Take some time to listen

1.2. It may only take less then 1% of your time in your daily routine

1.3. The story you get in return

1.4. maybe priceless...

2. Hope

2.1. What can we hope for?

2.2. Is this what keeps us going?

2.3. The light at the end of the tunnel?

3. Money

3.1. The source of all evil?

3.2. Has our priority for money overtaken everything else?

3.3. Balance?

4. Empathy

4.1. Do we still have any left in us?

4.2. Has selfishness taken over?

5. Equal Treatment

5.1. Human are non-the less human

5.2. People have families, loved ones, friends