Sophies World

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Sophies World by Mind Map: Sophies World

1. Chapter 3

1.1. Sophie gets a letter from her father. It seems to be significant and insignificant.

1.2. With the next letter she receives it was about how other people had received answers to their questions.

1.3. This one talks all about Norse gods and how they were perceived.

1.4. Sophie makes a myth she had learned, again making her question what would have happened had she been born in another place.

1.4.1. QUOTE: "And that they made up all of those myths in the time before there was anything called science." (27)

2. Chapter 4

2.1. Sophie receives some more envelopes, this time they're questions that are more biblical in nature

2.2. These questions pestered her throughout her school day. These questions seemed to be thought more in depth than they had been previous times

2.3. This letter was all about the natural philosophers and how they were more focused on the natural world and not the astral world.

2.3.1. QUOTE: "For one reason or another, they assumed that "something" had always existed."(30)

2.4. The mystery man spoke of Aristotle, Thales, Anaximenes, Anaximander, Parmenides, Heraclitus, Empedocles, and Anaxagoras.

2.5. Thales, Anaximenes, and Anaximander all based most of their theories on their being some form of substance like an element of some sort

2.5.1. QUOTE: " So, like Thales, he though that there must be an underlying substance that is the source of all natural change."(33)

2.6. Paramenides was a rationalist and some one who saw it as his task to expose all forms that people view the world

2.7. Heraclitus was all about how people must experience opposites to know what was going on

2.8. Empedocles believed that their are natural and elemtal forces that affected nature

2.9. Anaxagoras believed that order combined everything in the entire universe

2.9.1. QUOTE: "She decided that philosophy was not something you can learn; but perhaps you can learn to think philosophically."(38)

3. New node

4. Chapter 1

4.1. Sophie is a girl who lives with her mother, her father is away

4.2. She has six animals for whom she cares for deeply.

4.2.1. QUOTE: "She felt like a doll that had suddenly been brought to life by the wave of a magic wand." (4)

4.3. She doesn't really like her appearance.

4.4. After recievng the envelopes she starts to question everything.

4.5. She has a secret hiding place in a garden where her grandparents newborn baby was buried.

4.6. She talks about the biblical beginnings of the world and questions them also

4.7. She recieves a letter from a man who was sending a birthday letter to a girl named Hilde.

4.8. Her whole life changed in under four hours

4.8.1. QUOTE:" She was sure these three problems were interconnected in some way. They had to be, because before today, she lived a perfectly normal life." (9)

5. Chapter 2

5.1. After getting the letters she becomes unfocused and some things become trivial for her

5.1.1. QUOTE: "Why was it so difficult to be absorbed in the most vital and, in a way, most natural in all questions?" (11)

5.2. Sophie received a packet on philosophy from a mystery man. This was a simple packet, yet it dealed with a large amount of information in a small form.

5.3. The first page deals with why humans wonder about what we do

5.4. As she gets to the second page she becomes exhausted and doesn't know why.

5.5. She hides the envelopes in a tin where no person would suspect them.

5.6. The second packet deals with our perception, how we view the world.

5.7. Sophie had been shown the true light of what has been going on and has a very hard time comprehending it.

5.8. She is thankful, but her mother thinks that she's crazy for thinking what she was thinking

5.8.1. QUOTE:" The philioopher was right. Grownups took the world for granted. They had let themselves be lulled into the enchanted sleep of their humdrum existence once and for all." (20)