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Last holiday by Mind Map: Last holiday

1. Reading

2. Speaking Part 2

3. Speaking

4. Writing

4.1. Task 1

4.1.1. Main rules At least 150 words 20 min

4.1.2. Common recommendations Never use simple words Use arranged structure 1. Variant 2. Variant Use numbers from graphs!

4.1.3. 7 types of task Processes Types Recommendations Examples Tables Diagrams Recommendations Single line graph Describe changes Double line graph (or more) To compare Pie chart Bar graph

4.1.4. Vocabulary/Gramma Introduction Beginning sentence Continue Main body Linkers Numbers Overview It is not a conclusion! Conclusion Overall In general It's clear that... It's obvious that...

4.2. Task 2

4.2.1. Types 1. Problem and solution Structure Vocabulary 2. Discussing advantages and disadvantages Vocabulary Useful phrases and sentences 3. Discussing two opinions 4. Agree and disagree

4.2.2. Main rules At least 250 words 40 min

4.2.3. Vocabulary / Gramma Introduction This essay will look at the reasons for this and purpose some solutions. These days, more and more of us ... This essay will examine some of these problems in detail, and then propose some solutions. A generation ago, ... Main body Problem Solution Linkers Conclusion To sum up, ... This is a serious problem, and unless ... My view is that the main responsibility for solving this problem ...

5. Listening