Referral and Assessment for Assistive Technology

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Referral and Assessment for Assistive Technology by Mind Map: Referral and Assessment for Assistive Technology

1. Step 1: Referral for AT Assessment -- Process of identification of the type of AT referral and individuals involved in making the referral.

1.1. What Types of AT Referrals are made in Schools? (Beard, Carpenter, & Johnston, 2011).

1.1.1. Initial Referral

1.1.2. Transfer Student Referral

1.1.3. Current Student Referral

1.2. People involved in making an AT referral.

1.2.1. Family members

1.2.2. Physician

1.2.3. Referring Agency

1.2.4. Teacher

2. Step 2: Conducting an AT Assessment -- The AT Specialist conducts this assessment and compiles the written report requesting AT based on formal evaluations of the student's current skills, the student's records/data, and informal observations (Beard, Carpenter, & Johnston, 2011).

2.1. Direct Observation--provides feedback to IEP team regarding behaviors that may be hindering the student's learning abilities

2.2. Interviews

2.3. Formal Assessment

2.4. Formal written report submitted to the IEP Team

3. Step 3: Individualized Education Program (IEP) Team -- Team of individuals working together in collaboration with the AT Specialist important in making informed decisions about which AT devices to choose based on individual student needs and prior student reports and assessments.

3.1. Reviews student learning goals

3.2. Makes decisions based on the submitted AT request from the AT specialist

3.3. May recommend demo and trial devices

4. Step 4: Implementation of the AT Device -- The device is tested to for student compatibility and to meet the required curriculum goals and learning outcomes.

4.1. Assessment of AT device to meet learning outcomes and goals

4.2. Does the device allow accessibility to learning

4.3. Support from personnel with use of the device