Characteristics of Malone

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Characteristics of Malone by Mind Map: Characteristics of Malone

1. Modest

1.1. Doesn't brag about being on Rugby team

2. Atheletic

2.1. National Rugby Player

3. Sociable

3.1. Easily makes friends with others-McArdle says he is an easy person to like

4. Reporter

4.1. Willing to go to extremes to get a good story

4.1.1. Willing to meet with Challenger

4.1.2. Goes to South America to record experience

5. Desperate to Prove Worth on the Expedition

5.1. Climbs tree to survey land

5.2. Goes out at night secretly-Wants to explore find useful information for the group

6. Brave

6.1. Passes Roxton's test-Willing to help him subdue a dangerous person

6.2. Helped trapper workers at a coal mine

6.2.1. Did it without being asked-Voluntarily helped even though it was dangerous

6.3. Helped rescue Challenger and Summerlee from the Ape-Men

7. Persistent

7.1. Willing to travel to South America just for Gladys