Ned Malone

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Ned Malone by Mind Map: Ned Malone

1. Rash

1.1. 'Gladyswould have told me to go. I had sprung to my feet. I was speaking, and yet I had prepeared no words..."I will go, Mr. Chairman"' (Pg. 44)

1.1.1. signs himself up without thinking about any of the consequences to go to the expedition to South America

2. Brave but modest and humble

2.1. coal explosion (Pg. 16)

2.2. doesn't turn Challenger in for beating him up (Pg. 26)

2.3. Doesn't want people seeing him as a coward

2.3.1. courageous but terrified

2.3.2. agrees to help Roxton to help Ballinger (Pg. 47) earns respect from Roxton

3. Hero

3.1. humble

3.1.1. rugby (Pg. 47)

3.2. terrified but courageous

3.2.1. doesn't turn Roxton down for Ballinger (Pg. 47)

3.3. Physically active

3.3.1. rugby player (Pg. 47)

4. Naive

4.1. towards the world and society

4.2. love

4.2.1. knows nothing of 'true' love. only impulsive feelings and emotions loves Gladys

5. Good with People

5.1. with McArdle

5.1.1. McArdle easily gives him what he wants (Pg. 18)

5.2. just in general

5.2.1. "You seem to have a sort of genius for establishing relations with people" (Pg. 18)

6. Yet to establish himself

6.1. wants to prove himself worthy

6.1.1. ''Well, Sir, anything that had adventure and danger in it. I really would do my very best. The more difficult it was, the better it would suit me......To justify my life, Sir' Pg. 17

6.1.2. as an ideal man with Roxton too

6.2. Easily Manipulated

6.2.1. "Was it hardness, was it selfishness, that she should ask me to risk my life for her own glorification? Such thoughts may come to middle age; but never to ardent three-and-twenty in the fever of his first love" (Pg. 17)

6.3. Changes himself for people