The Time Machine

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The Time Machine by Mind Map: The Time Machine

1. eloi

1.1. high class

1.2. live only during daylight

1.3. live on top

1.4. small and short

1.5. dumb

2. merlocks

2.1. lower class

2.2. live underground

2.3. evil- eat humans

3. sphinx

3.1. where the time machine was hidden

4. time traveler

4.1. relationship with Weena

4.2. saves weena from drowning

4.3. goes back in end of book

5. weena

5.1. eloi

5.2. dies either in fire or eaten

6. Palace of Green Precelain

6.1. used to be a museum

6.2. time traveler finds a lever there

6.3. finds a old bombshell thing that doesn't work