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CIRN 2012 Community Informatics Unconference - Notes by Mind Map: CIRN 2012 Community Informatics Unconference - Notes
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CIRN 2012 Community Informatics Unconference - Notes

These are the "official notes" taken during the brainstorm session

Bricolage in Community Informatics: planning v improvisation

How do we tell stories, whether in formal reports or digitally mediated narratives? are we working with intuition, instinct, or something else? are we ‘scientists’? philosopher-kings? magicians? technocrats? or something else? To what degree then are some of us engaged in an ‘anti-discipline’ against the formal strictures of what is the written or contractual score? Is it possible to impart the skills that we have, or is every project or initiative a highly personal ‘riff’? do we pretend to have discipline and skills?


Reconciling differences between clashing communities

In practice, many communities do not interact, but clash (better: tension). How to avoid such clashes? How to deal with the differences in community cultures? What are early-warning signs for a collision course? If conflict has broken out after all, how to best resolve it?


The dark side of community informatics

What are the dark sides of communities? What processes are needed to inoculate communities against such disruptive behaviours? How to balance a healthy sense of identity with a much needed sense of the relativity of the community's outlook and social norms?



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