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1. Circle Time / Introduction

1.1. Show children a variety of plant seeds.

1.2. Question knowledge of seeds.

1.3. Sing a couple songs about seeds and how they grow.

1.4. Have a read aloud on books about plants and seeds.

2. Creative Arts/ Discovery

2.1. Dramatic Play Center: Children will play with material relating to plants and seeds such as Grocery Store, Garden Store, Garden and Planting Field.

2.2. Music and Movement: Children will listen to songs about plants and will move along while using their listening skills

2.3. Sensory and Discovery Table: Children will play with sand and water to practice planting seeds.

3. Outside Activity

3.1. Children will set up their garden and discuss on how to plant their own garden.

3.2. Children will then plant their garden, they will first sort their seeds, then plant them and label them.

3.3. Children will check on their garden for any sprouting seeds, which they will continue to do. They will also water their seeds.

4. Literacy / Reading

4.1. Children will learn more about seeds and plants from books such as The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, Sunflower by Miela Ford, From Seed to Plant by Gail Gibbons, and Flowers, Fruits, Seeds by Jerome Wexler.

4.2. Reading activites that the children will do is Teacher read alouds, Shared Reading and Choral Reading.

4.3. In Library the children will chose their selected reading material based on the Unit of Plants and seeds and discuss amongst themselves.

5. Language Arts / Writing

5.1. Children will learn vocabulay words from Intro./ Circle time reading as in parts of a plant, such as leaf(ves), flower, fruit, stem, seed, root, even farm and garden.

5.2. Children will list the vocabulary words on the word wall in alphabetical order. They will then go over the spelling of their words.

5.3. Children will put the words into sentences and draw a picture that pertains to their sentences.

6. Math

6.1. Children will sort through a variety of seeds.

6.2. Children will group the seeds into groups of 1-10 then progress to 10-20.

6.3. Children will distinguish the seeds of which group has less or more.

7. Science

7.1. Children will do 1 activity titled Sprouting Lima Beans. They will follow directions as teacher guides them along and models example.

7.2. Teacher will presoak lima beans and then hand out 1 lunch bag per child. They will then pick out 3 beans from the bowl of soaked lima beans. They will then tape the beans to a partially wet paper towel. They will carefully place the paper towel in the baggie. They will find a dark place to tape/staple the baggie.

7.3. Children will observe and measure their bean's growth daily and record it in a journal by drawing a picture of what it looks like.

8. Social Studies

8.1. Children will learn about people in their community. They can go over a couple books about Farm(ers) and Garden(ers) with the teacher. They then can do a questions and answers session following the read aloud.

8.2. Questions pertaining to the books such as Who are Farmers? What do they plant? Who are Gardeners? What do they plant? What do they need to grow?