Integrated Curriculum-Plants

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Integrated Curriculum-Plants by Mind Map: Integrated Curriculum-Plants

1. Math

1.1. Measuring using rulers

1.2. Adding the inches grown each day

1.3. Counting seeds

1.4. Graph our favorite plants and vegetables

1.5. Use measuring cups to measure soil and water for plants. Discuss liquid measuring,

2. Social Studies

2.1. Discuss the needs for plants

2.2. What plants give us

2.3. How the different kinds are important

2.4. How plants were grown throughout history

2.5. Different growing methods used across cultures

3. Writing

3.1. Keep Scientific Journals about the growth of our plants including data and feelings about our observations.

3.2. Compare ancient growing methods to those of today.

3.3. Thinking maps about plants

4. Science

4.1. Grow our own classroom plants

4.2. Food Plants

4.3. Flowers

4.4. Grass

5. Reading

5.1. Literature related to plants and growing

5.2. Shared Reading

5.3. Partner Reading

5.4. Guided Reading

5.5. Non fiction books