Integrated Curriculum Pond Life

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Integrated Curriculum Pond Life by Mind Map: Integrated Curriculum Pond Life

1. Math

1.1. Student will count all the pond animals each week

1.2. Students will measure rainfall

2. Science

2.1. Students will idenfity all of the insects and animals that they find in the pond

2.2. Students will study pond life food chain

2.3. Students will discuss what human things could hurt the pond

3. Music

3.1. Students will sing songs that involve pond life animals

3.2. Students will mimic the sounds that they hear from pond life and incorporate it into a song

4. Reading and writing

4.1. Student will research and read about their favorite pond animal on the web

4.2. Students will have a spelling quiz on pond animals

4.3. Students will go to the Library and pick out a book on pond life