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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Dan Ariely Meaning in Labour by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2012
Dan Ariely 
Meaning in Labour
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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Dan Ariely Meaning in Labour


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Nice Nailantei Leng'ete

Dan Ariely,, Listing of his research, @danariely

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Themes, Motivation

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labor and motivation

people as workforce

people hate working?

only reason to work

To have cocktails on a beach?


meaning & motivation in workplace


of friend working at an investment bank, working on a Merger & Acquisition powerpoint (ppt), staying up late etc., day before the meeting took place he e-mailed the ppt to his boss, boss: reacted: nice job but the deal is cancelled, boss apreaciated the work nonetheless, But the employee was crushed, nobody saw his work, he couldn't find motivation, for his next project

something was missing

general meaning missed

study: build lego's


Article about this specific research project

1st condition

do you want to build a bionicle?, you get $3, then $7, then more and more, when would it stop

meaningful condition

2nd sisyphic

beating the same mountain is boring

build one

build another one

but broke doen the first peaces

endless cycle of breaking and creation


how big would the effect be?

meaningful condition

correclation, (when liked) build more bionicles for less money, (when not liked) then build less

visited a big software company in Seatle

people felt

CEO cancelled a project where people worked on for 2 years

that doesn't feel good

CEO, could present a reason as to "why stop it", understand the importance of meaning

next experiment

3 experiments

1: acknowledge

2 ingnored

3 schredder


say that you ackowledged it

demotivate people

schred it

or ignore people

example Ikea

trouble assemle it



ikea effect

cake mix, pour water, pour the mix, in the oven, it's too less work to get credit for the results

solution, took out egg & milks

now people have to add eggs & milk

it feels more like your cake and you get acknowledgement




more labor: leads to me more love and satisfaction

for how much would you sell your kids



no instructional manual

tremendous love

invest a lot in them

other people see your kids different

labor market

Adam Smith

break down the job, efficiency of the whole increases, industrialization, result, people dont feel connected

Karl Marx

feeling of connection


knowledge ecomy

it would make sense to offer some efficiency for connectedness

revised model

motivation = payment