Causes of the French Revolution

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Causes of the French Revolution by Mind Map: Causes of the French Revolution

1. Estates General

1.1. Louis XVI ordered meeting

1.1.1. 1st and 2nd Estate refused to meet

1.1.2. 3rd Estate formed National Assembly 1st and 2nd Estates agreed to meet Had more power than 3rd Estate Voted down changes 1st meeting of Estates General since 1614 People wanted change

2. Money Problems

2.1. Huge National Debt

2.1.1. American Revolution Sent money and supplies to aid United States America could not repay loan immediately

2.1.2. Previous Monarchs borrowed and spent money to fight Seven Years War Built an Palace at Versailles

2.2. Poor Harvest

2.2.1. Bad weather

2.2.2. not enough wheat

2.2.3. population grew

2.3. Monarch' Spending

2.3.1. Misconception Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI cut royal spending Marie Antoinette was despised by the French Blamed her for problems Created Necklace Affair

2.3.2. Supported American Revolution

2.3.3. Extravagant parties

2.3.4. Seven Years War

2.3.5. Built Palaces

2.4. Jacques Necker

2.4.1. Louis XVI's Director of Finance Blamed for debt incurred in American REvolution Advocated for loans People loved him Created high interest Rates Divided poll tax more equally

2.4.2. Had Enemies Marie Antoinette Kings Advisors Convinces Louis XVI to fire Necker

2.4.3. Published Royal Finances Showed expenditures Made people aware of Monarch's spending Showed Revenue False Statistics

2.5. Taxes

3. French Philosphers

3.1. Wrote about Democratic Ideas

3.1.1. Voltaire believed in Free Speech, Press, Religion, and Equal Rights "I do not agree with a word you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it"

3.1.2. Montesquies Believed in Liberty Freed to much Government Power Said government should have 3 branches to keep power checked

3.1.3. Rousseau Opposed Monarchs and Nobility Believed all people are Equal Said it was governments jobto defend individual and protect the good of Society

4. Troops in Paris

4.1. People gathered in Paris for Esates General Meeting

4.1.1. believed help was coming

4.1.2. Grew Impatient

4.2. King called Troops to Paris

4.2.1. Angered People

4.2.2. Stromed Bastille