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Essay Writing by Mind Map: Essay Writing

1. Introduction

1.1. It can be ragarded as ... but not without the problems

1.2. In today's world

1.2.1. Inspire someone about your topic?

1.2.2. Specific grade?

1.2.3. Do your best work?

2. Expression your personal opinion (2-3 reasons)

2.1. To my mind

2.2. In my personal opinion

2.2.1. Find examples

2.2.2. Find relevant quotes

2.2.3. References Books News sources Blogs Supporting Data Expert reports Third party research Survey data Size of topic

3. Expression an opposing opinion (1-2 reasons)

3.1. First of all

3.2. I am totally against

3.3. I completely disagree

3.4. Firstly, secondly, thirdly

3.4.1. Introduction - why are you writing about this?

3.4.2. Subhead 1

3.4.3. Subhead 2

3.4.4. Subhead 3

3.4.5. Conclusion - what summarizes what is most interesting about your topic?

4. Conclusion

4.1. To sum up