The target audience for my opening clip.

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The target audience for my opening clip. by Mind Map: The target audience for my opening clip.

1. Celebrity One

1.1. Ethan Hawke

1.2. Ethan Hawke is an older actor that I have decided to think would watch my film, although his age is not in my age bands he may watch it because he has been the main character in 'Sinister'. This was one of the scariest films of 2012, it included film tapes as the main scare, and my film is based around found footage clips.

2. The audience for my film opening would range from teenagers aged 15-19 and adults aged from 20-25, thus my film being a certificate 15. It is targeted at male and females- my film can be related to by both sexes.

3. Celebrity Three

3.1. Jennifer Lawrence

3.2. She fits my catergory concerning age, this will draw in other people with the simliar age. She would watch my film because the main characters can be related with.

3.3. A perfect example of a celebrity that could watch my film would be Jennifer Lawrence. She is aged 22 years so would fit into my catergory and is of course she is female. She has been in films that concern horror before, she has been featured in 'House at the End of the Street' this could suggest that she enjoys working in horror movies.

4. Celebrity Two

4.1. Daniel Radcliffe

4.2. This celebrity may well be attracted to my film because he is a very successful actor, starring in 'Harry Potter 1-7 Parts 1&2'. he also is a young actor. He has appeared as the main character in 'The Woman in Black' this shows that he has an interest in horror movies.

4.3. He is a famous actor in england and across the world, so lots of people will recognise him watching it, when he mentions it to his fans via soical networks others will see that it has got his approval thus his fans watching it also. This can increase earnings and attract a newer audience.