GG features

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GG features by Mind Map: GG features

1. Before login

1.1. features curr

1.1.1. drupal setup global architecture panels panelizer views

1.1.2. languages nl fr en block switcher links top

1.1.3. homepage block call to action block under slidehwo

1.1.4. footer block social contact legal

1.1.5. navigation primary home get started products testimonials know-how help internal: overview pages top maps more all to external pages footer about us services int/ext links products block links to main product groupings links to ind products or this is a tax view know how block? maybe also grouped footer util disclainer goudengids company meta sticky header primary navigation

1.1.6. slideshow contenttype image or swf or video with backup note: text in backup link block slidehow homepage + select list entity queue meta if text => into image warning image or swf / video

1.1.7. product contenttype product product overview integration fetch prices data from webservices taxonomy product grouping ds teaser (product overview view) block featured product homepage solutions tailored to needs browse products menu block sidebar after login: might be interested in these products pages product overview entity queue featured product homepage

1.1.8. register additional profile fields save data to drupal menu: getstarted in main menu flow: create drupal account user validates email on validation => create sso account

1.1.9. initial sync sso db

1.1.10. request new password from sso

1.1.11. login SSO via popup stay signed in => remove this sso login block login / username logout links

1.1.12. news block latest from golden pages view news overview page contenttype title date intro text location

1.1.13. chat blocks top button footer button

1.1.14. testimonial block test on producct ds block test contenttype video quote from opt: additional text overview page

1.1.15. content blocks homepage call to action text to be edited product overview call to action solutions tailored to needs structured fields but more than 3 items => will display them in slideshow why advertise structured bock homepage (incl yellow call to action) text block ex. for contact details

1.1.16. articles views grouped overview page individual overview pages menu know-how section content type title text video test? grouped in sidebar like products taxonomy multiple pages

1.1.17. pages contenttype meta layout switch?

1.1.18. faq content type question answer video? view faq overview meta needs to be grouped menu help

1.1.19. wizard custom js applicatie block homepage latest step: data fetched from products contenttype meta text wizard should not be editable

1.1.20. webform contact page

1.1.21. social block facebook twitter

1.1.22. theming tooltips see @register popups see @login sticky header see @homepage forms use their css styleguides

1.1.23. workflow access translation translation manager

1.1.24. content deploy content to staging

1.1.25. layout deploy custom hooks in deploy to tranfer panel panes use panelizer / panopoly

1.1.26. scheduling warn combo with deploy + workflow

1.1.27. media asset management media module cdn module for video issue hosted videos

1.1.28. webtrends tracking

1.1.29. user tracking integration kiss metrics

1.2. features not currently

1.2.1. content syndication

1.2.2. FAQ - add suggestion

1.2.3. search basic were in wireframes / design? only public content drupal

1.2.4. search extended index docs external services indexed private content => user permissions

2. After login

2.1. features curr

2.1.1. my business center homepage save preference

2.1.2. customer n* context switcher block on every BC page automatical drop down with all customer accounts will set a context of all data being viewd save current selection in user data (user obj)

2.1.3. account mngr contact basic only static contact info

2.1.4. navigation business center menu overview my program statistics documents profile & settings

2.1.5. logged in ticker 3 logic for displaying text display text 3 performance oriented service oriented welcome message

2.1.6. user profile extended with cust n* different customer n* fetch them on when account is created temporary fetch? fetch on creation?

2.1.7. documents views speos webservice docs blocks action summary invoice

2.1.8. content blocks action summary static (homepage) my scorecard (homepage)

2.1.9. statistics iframe blocks performance overview chart iframe services overview chart iframe chart impressions with selection options (overview page) iframe block individual programs pages overview page mysite adwords service banners all existing charts iframe if user not subscribe => call to action empty text

2.1.10. presence report link to

2.1.11. my program scraped blocks my program BC homepage overview page advertisements

2.1.12. guided tour javascript arrows

2.2. features not curr

2.2.1. login as diff users warn influence with sso

2.2.2. account mngr contact extend actually fetch data about account mngr and display it

2.2.3. block action summary expire

2.2.4. inbox views inbox webservices overview blocks action summary mail

2.2.5. my scorecard block content via webservices

2.2.6. statistics extended blocks performance overview chart extended services overview chart extended chart impressions with selection options (overview page) summary statistics (overview page) individual programs link all blocks for mysite pages change datasource statistics

2.2.7. documents extended other documents

2.2.8. my program extended change data source to webservice block 2 items about to expire overview page approvals

2.2.9. product extended block might be interested with these products personalized contenttype fetch additional data from product database

2.2.10. profile & settings tab change user profile

2.2.11. allow user to create new accounts with limited permissions

2.2.12. extend profile with crm data fetched from external service

2.2.13. 3 levels of authentication

2.2.14. targetting of content describe use cases

2.2.15. send notifications req not clear yet, no prio

2.2.16. contract exp notification need info about exp first

2.2.17. customer intelligence workflow req not clear yet

2.2.18. online request product upgrade need webservices

2.2.19. handle online payments only ogone integration (registration and such is done via webservice to their backend)

2.2.20. identity report what does it mean?

2.2.21. Call tracker app

2.2.22. Campaign app

2.2.23. E-commerce app

2.2.24. MySite app

2.2.25. Presence app

2.2.26. Resto app

3. legend

3.1. low risk/complexity

3.2. medium risk/complexity

3.3. hight risk/complexity

3.4. too many unknowns to judge