Development in Africa

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Development in Africa by Mind Map: Development in Africa

1. Cultural Developments and Interactions

1.1. They use art for religious purposes

1.2. -Music, visual arts, story telling became part of the people's life.

1.3. they use gold to build face mask to emphasis their power. (in the middle of the image.)

2. Economic Systems

2.1. Gold salt trade, which give both the west and east a chance to trade for what they don't have or have excess to.

2.2. the Swahili state trade: boosted economies, traded different culture ideas and believes, and exchanged goods.

2.2.1. There were even goods that came from china.

3. Technology and Innovations

3.1. Zimbabuwe use stone to build denfense wall without help of the mortar.

4. Social Interactions and Organization

4.1. most of the civilization use democracy

4.2. inland: they form a family to govern them self. later on to form a kindom.

5. Politics and Governance

5.1. The empire of Mali, the one of the largest empire in the west Africa history

5.2. Many of the early inland leaders use the title "king" or "chief".

6. Interactions between Human and the Environment.

6.1. the use of nile river to grow crop by the egypution

6.2. The use of monsoon wind to trade by the Swahili city state.