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ROCKWOOL Group by Mind Map: ROCKWOOL Group

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2. About the company

2.1. World leader in stone wool solutions!

2.1.1. In five continents

2.1.2. +100 countries with direct sales

2.2. Founded as a family business more than 80 years ago

2.3. Danish multinational manufacture

2.3.1. Mineral wool

2.4. The group have five brands

2.4.1. Rockwool ®

2.4.2. rockfon ®

2.4.3. Lapinus ®

2.4.4. Rockpanel ®

2.4.5. Grodan ®

3. The reality about the "Sustainability" at ROCKWOOL

3.1. Respond of the UN SDGs framework

3.1.1. Based in... THE RANSON FACTORY Goal 13 Goal 12 RANSON WEST VIRGINIA COMMUNITY ROCKWOOL build a factory across the road from an elementary school

4. "Sustainability" at ROCKWOOL

4.1. The supposed approach

4.1.1. Commit and contribute actively to the UN SDGs framework Goal 3 "Reducing noise and creating acoustically sound buildings" (From the report) Goal 6 Enhancing water Improving water efficiency in factories Efficiency in horticulture Goal 12 "(...)recycle stone wool in our factories or in other industries" (From the report) Goal 13 "Enabling more carbon-efficient buildings and industry" (From the report)

5. Lack of pressure from the governments

5.1. "By forcing businesses to recognise the unintended consequences of many of their activities, the theory is that they should then have a greater incentive to fix them"(The Economist, 2022).

6. Revenue

6.1. Last revenue (2022): $3.97 B

6.2. Change (between years): 10.64%

6.3. The world's 2673th most valuable company (Rockwool (R90.F) - Market Capitalization, n.d.)

6.4. Regulate P/E ratio

7. Release the natural power of stone to enrich modern living.

7.1. Common purpose!

8. Greenwashing or not?

8.1. Viewed by...

8.1.1. Value chain Each value chain impact has a SDGs ROCKWOOL alters the interpretation in its favor (Based in West Virginia case) autonomy power to choose and support any added value Each company is different and therefore, corporate morale depends on each case

8.1.2. Social value “Greater Together” Companies must take the lead in bringing business and society back together (Creating Shared Value, 2011) Workers feel good in the company Rated 4.1 / 5 out of 234 reviews (ROCKWOOL Group Reviews, n.d.)

8.1.3. Corporative power Power of conviction in interest Shareholders seek to maximize profits no matter what "Friedman (1970), for example, thinks that shareholders’ ownership of the firm gives them a right to control the firm (which they can use to ensure that the firm is run in their interests)" (Business Ethics, 2021).

8.1.4. "Danish" identity Denmark is an exemplary country in matters of corporate, environmental and social responsibility "Create your fame and go to sleep" Efficiency, simplicity and respect for the environment thus become the preponderant qualities of the "favorite insulation of the Scandinavians".