Wolves Need More Help [Five percent is not enough!!]

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Wolves Need More Help [Five percent is not enough!!] by Mind Map: Wolves Need More Help [Five percent is not enough!!]

1. Ecological/Natural History

1.1. Effects on prey

1.2. Secondary effects on plants

1.3. Tertiary effects on beaver, songbirds, fish

2. History of Extirpation

2.1. Individual efforts to wipe wolves out failed

2.2. Federal Government involved in 1914

2.2.1. Appropriation to fund wolf killing was on par with funding a war

2.2.2. Took another 30 years to fully extirpate wolves from lower forty-eight states

3. Recovery Efforts to Date

3.1. Endangered Species Act enacted in 1973

3.1.1. Wolves one of first species listed

3.2. Wolves begin to recolonize Great Lakes states in 1975

3.3. Wolves restored to Yellowstone National Park in 1995

3.4. Mexican wolves released in Arizona in 1998

4. What Remains to Be Done

4.1. Wolves now restored to less than 5% of their former range in lower forty-eight states

4.2. Government claims the job is done

4.2.1. Law requires more

4.3. Places like Colorado, Utah, Washington and Oregon have plenty of room and prey for wolves

4.3.1. Government must take the lead Citizens need to demand leadership from the government