Intake Call

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Intake Call by Mind Map: Intake Call

1. Agenda

1.1. Road Map

1.1.1. I am going to ask you some key questions in regards to your property, just so that we can see if this is potentially a good fit. After which i will review the information with my boss and see what we are able to come up with. Hopefully we are able to do business! Sound good?

1.1.2. If they agree, then move forward.

1.2. Things to remeber

1.2.1. You are the assistant. If any difficult questions arise always defer back to this role. You are not the boss!

1.2.2. this section prepares the owner for the questions you will be asking.

2. Qualification

2.1. Property

2.1.1. For starters lets talk about the property. What condition would you say the property is in?

2.1.2. (if they don't give enough info then ask questions below)

2.1.3. How many bedrooms and bathrooms?

2.1.4. How old is the roof?

2.1.5. Has the electric or plumbing been updated recently?

2.1.6. How about the kitchen and bathrooms?

2.1.7. Is the property currently vacant or occupied? **IF so then for how long? If occupied, then is it rented? If so then for how much?

2.1.8. What kind of work do you feel needs to be done to the property?

2.1.9. Style of House (rowhouse, detached, brick, twin, etc)

2.1.10. How long have they owned it?

2.2. Situation

2.2.1. Sounds like a decent house Mrs Smith. Any particular reason why you are selling it? **be sure to take notes because this will determine motivation

2.2.2. Do you have a timeline on how soon you are looking to sell?

2.3. Debt

2.3.1. Mrs Smith is there anything owed against the property?

2.3.2. Mrs Smith is there anything owed against the property?

2.3.3. Mrs Smith is there anything owed against the property? Any taxes, liens, or mortgages.

2.3.4. **If there is then find out how much

2.4. Price

2.4.1. If we were able to pay all cash and buy the property in its AS- IS condition, what would you take for the property?

2.4.2. Are you flexible on that?

3. Intro

3.1. First Part of the Call

3.1.1. Hi is Mr. Smith available?>>>If it's the owner then continue if not the owner then ask for the best time to reach the individual

3.1.2. Hi Mrs Smith! My name is Sarah, i am calling from iBuy Philly Houses. We got your vmail about your property at 123 main street

3.1.3. Did i catch you at a good time?

3.1.4. How are you doing today? Great!

3.1.5. Were you in fact looking to sell the property Mrs Smith?

3.1.6. IF yes: "That's awesome Mrs Smith!" >>>> Move to Agenda

4. Call Closure

4.1. Close/Install Confidence

4.1.1. Ok Mrs smith, looks like we have covered everything

4.1.2. This sounds like it might be a good property for us. As i said, i will pass this info on to my boss and he or I will give you a call in the next day or two.

4.1.3. just to let you know, we buy all our properties for cash and in their AS-IS condition.

4.1.4. Confirm Best Contact Number and time to reach the person