Isamu Kobayashi

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Isamu Kobayashi by Mind Map: Isamu Kobayashi

1. World War 2 Evacuation

1.1. Went to Northern Mountains

1.2. was lucky because instead of evacuating to a Temple, was evacuated to a hotel

1.3. His parents gave him a "protection charm", which was filled with money

1.3.1. So he caught a deadly disease, still unknown to him until this date, but was luckily sent to a doctor, which apparently, the medical costs exceeded a few months worth of a teacher's pay at that time. (all from the lucky charm)

2. Taking Electronic Engineering during college

2.1. Was unusual at that time

2.2. Was invited to Sony, a major electronics company during that time

3. Singapore

3.1. He came to Singapore for over 40 times during his career, to bring factories over to the region

3.1.1. Knows many parts of Singapore

4. Chances lost

4.1. SInce he was one of the most talented engineers in Sony, developing the IC chips, he had many chances to move overseas as an expat

4.1.1. Chose not to become an expat because my grandmother didn't know how to speak English, ride a bicycle, or drive a car.

5. Developing the IC chip

5.1. My grandfather was instrumental in developing the IC chip in Sony

5.1.1. worked with many IC chip developers in the US, such as the inventor of the IC Chip, Jack Kilby

5.1.2. As part of his developments, he went to the IEEE convention in New York to present his findings