About Success

Mindset and habits to be a successfull human

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About Success by Mind Map: About Success

1. 3 Bedrocks to Success

1.1. Personal Responsibility

1.1.1. The results you enjoy (or endure) are a product of your actions.

1.2. Good Habits

1.2.1. Call it good habits. Call it self-discipline. Call it whatever you like. If you want to succeed, you must structure your life in such a way that you repeatedly and consistently do the things that build toward success.

1.3. Adaptability

1.3.1. You need to grow, innovate and evolve in business and in life. Embrace change. Be change.

2. 5 Keys to wealth and happiness

2.1. Raise your standards

2.2. Change your limiting beliefs

2.3. Model what works

2.4. Increase your intensity

2.5. Step up...Give more than you expect to receive

3. 11 Essential habits for success

3.1. Identify your core values

3.1.1. What is important to you?

3.2. Pick a goal

3.2.1. Focus is key

3.3. Set a deadline for success

3.3.1. When you hope to achieve your goal

3.4. Build the right mindset

3.4.1. Believe fully in your ability to achieve your goal and the success will be inevitable

3.4.2. "Whether you think that you can, or that you can´t, you are usually right" ~ Henry Ford

3.5. Consequences for missing your deadline

3.5.1. Set up negative consequences for missing the deadline. Necessity is the mother of all invention

3.6. Plan weekly and daily goals

3.6.1. Break down goals by week and by day

3.7. Prioritize

3.7.1. Complete the hardest and the most important task first

3.8. Take risks

3.8.1. Push yourself Go out of your comfort zone

3.9. Perseverance

3.9.1. Do not give up. Treat eventual failures as a good thing, and march on

3.10. Reflect

3.10.1. Take time daily to reflect on your values, goals and progress. Always look for ways to improve

3.11. Learn

3.11.1. Never stop learning

4. The Pillars of Success

5. Seek legacy, mastery, and freedom — in that order.

5.1. Legacy. A higher purpose, a mission, a cause. This means knowing that in some way — large or small — the world will be a better place after you've done your work.

5.2. Mastery. This refers to the art of getting better and better at skills and talents that you enjoy using, to the extent that they become intertwined with your identity. Picture a Jedi, or a Samurai, or a master blacksmith.

5.3. Freedom. The ability to choose who you work with, what projects you work on, where and when you work each day, and getting paid enough to responsibly support the lifestyle that you want.