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Nutrition by Mind Map: Nutrition

1. Fluoride Injecting Version of Bobble?

2. Low SES - poor families

3. Lack of education about effects of diet

4. Inaccessibility of healthy food

4.1. Perception?

4.2. Cost is too high for large groups.

5. Spiritual beliefs

6. Physical exercise/diet mismatch

7. Lack of parental presence at home

8. Disconnected/dysfunctional families

8.1. Food preparation not collaborative/family activity

9. Obligations to church/extended family

10. Unhealthy food habits

11. Beliefs about what good food is and how to prepare it

12. Traditional beliefs about size/status

13. Guide to healthy cooking

13.1. For large groups

13.2. Child-friendly

13.3. Busy working households (i.e. low parental presence at home)

13.4. Facilitates improved family (social) interactions

14. Redesign food labelling

15. Food in schools

15.1. Recycled materials

15.2. Vegetable/fruit gardens

15.3. Complemented w/appropriate academic curricula

16. Improving physical activity levels

16.1. Primary schools

16.2. Secondary schools

16.2.1. Science participation

16.2.2. Sports participation Improving accessibility Improving enjoyment

16.2.3. Social competition

16.3. Tertiary?

16.4. Social activities linked to diet/physical activity

17. Has effects on oral health as well as other health issues.

17.1. School dental survey data suggest that inequalities in oral health by ethnicity are mediated by fluoridation status, with Pacific children living in non-fluoridated areas having worse oral health than those in fluoridated areas (Ministry of Health 2009b). - Tupu Ola Moui: Pacific Health Chart Book 2012.

17.2. Recommended levels of Fluroride is 0.7 mg/L to 1.0 mg/L. Ministry of Health

18. 'Feed To Mend' or 'Feed to Prevent' Strategy